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Virginia Sun Power
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Tubular Skylights Fill Your Home With Healthy Sunlight
Natural Light Tubular Skylights operate completely on the sun's solar energy. No wiring or switches - just free light with all the positive benefits of natural lighting. The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. The flashing housing protects the entire system from weather elements. Natural Light offers two flashing styles to accommodate all roof pitches including flat roofs are available as unpainted aluminum or powder-coated black.

Sunlight Enters Your Home - But UV Rays Are Filtered Out
The sunlight captured by the dome, travels through an extremely reflective, mirror-like tube. It bounces several times through the pipe before it enters your home. Our specially designed Miro-Silver® light pipe is able to harness the sunlight even when the sun's position is low in early morning and late afternoon. Even on cloudy days, the tubular skylight works - though the intensity of the light will be slightly diminished. Additionally, our tubular skylights filter out the harmful UV rays that endanger our health, and fade clothing, furniture and carpeting.

All the Benefits of Sunlight Without the Heat
Natural Light Tubular Skylights operate with virtually no heat gain unlike traditional skylights. As the sunlight travels through the light pipe it passes through our exclusive Energy Conservation Kit. The kit incorporates thin, clear polycarbonate lenses that improve the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. In fact, our residential units are so energy efficient that they are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Only Soft Evenly Dispersed Sunlight Enters Your Home
The attractive ceiling light fixture is designed to evenly spread the captured sunlight into your home. It has an arced prismatic surface that bounces the light in all directions eliminating the “hot spot” effect of traditional skylights. Varying on the models size, our tubular skylights can illuminate the equivalent of up to 300 - 1,450 watts of light - all for free!

Tube Lights: