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To our world of renewable energy

We specialize in design and installation of solar photovoltaic and thermal energy systems

The team at Virginia Sun Power believe the future of the globe's energy demand will be met with solar power because it is conceptually simple.  Solar energy is safe and clean. Solar technology operates with no moving parts which makes it reliable and durable; in most cases systems are operational in excess of 25 years! The sun is our energy source that cannot be bought sold or metered.  As a result, solar energy offers our nation unprecedented and unlimited control over our own vital source of energy.  The fossil fuels we depend on today are the result of solar energy that hit the earth ages ago.  We encourage you to explore the exciting opportunities solar energy can provide.

We are committed to learning and researching new and innovative ways to make your solar dream a reality.  We study industry trends that shape the future of the energy industry, to help inform you.  

Virginia Sun Power specializes in the design and installation of solar energy systems such as  Solar Hot Water evacuated tube systems, Photovoltaic Systems(on/off grid), Solar tubular skylights, direct driven PV applications, Solar pool heating, and other energy conservation products.

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This GPS-Guided Solar System is 45% more efficient than fixed-mounted solar systems.
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Virginia Sun Power
42 Island Ford Rd., Suite F
McGaheysville, VA 22840

Phone: (540) 289-3376
Fax: (540) 289-5311
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